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The first Our Lady of Good Counsel Church was dedicated on
 December 6, 1891.

We'd like to share an excerpt of Mrs. Jennie Phelan Webster's account of our churchs' early history.  We are blessed to have this memoir  and hope you enjoy reading as it is very informative and often amusing.

By Jennie Phelan Webster
Miss Abell, of the Baltimore Sun Abell's, donated one hundred and fifty dollars with the request that the church be called Our Lady of Good Counsel as she had a special devotion to her.  The heads of the families donated $25 each and we had an oyster supper in the church before it was finished.  Someone gave the main altar. The small alters were made of packing boxes covered with muslin.  The church was finished and as far as I can remember there was no debt.  It was dedicated on December 5 1891, which was on a Sunday and a great day for us.  The choir from Easton, Bishop Curtis and a number of priests were present, but I don't seem to remember who they were except for Father Ott, Father Mickle and Father Heu from Baltimore. Father Ott was a very large man who walked about town in his cassock followed at a safe distance by all of the children of the town who had never seen a man wear a black dress before.

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Here is an interior image of our first church.
Our Lady of Good Counsel Church circa 1891
Our new Church was dedicated on September 8, 1940